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The terms and conditions specified on this page are specific to orders on the Thompson & Morgan Direct2Grower website and for delivery to the UK. Placing an order constitutes your acceptance thereof. For orders outside the UK mainland please contact us using the contact details on the home page.

Selecting Products

Use the left hand menu to select either 'seeds' or 'plants', and either 'Quick Index' or 'Illustrated Index'.

Using the Quick Index

Select the name of the product from the first letter of the product name. A page will load with a list of all products available beginning with the letter chosen. Clicking on a product will display a picture and full information about that product. Use your browser's 'Back' button to return to the same 'Quick Index' of your chosen letter or click 'Quick Index' again to choose the same or another letter.

Using the Illustrated Index

Select the name of the product from the first letter of the product name. A page will load with a list of the FIRST 15 products available, with small pictures, beginning with the letter chosen. You can skip pages by clicking on the arrow of the box at the top centre 'index of "letter chosen". If you click on a product name, a floating window will display a larger picture and full details of that product. Clicking back on the main page will 'minimise' the floating window to your Taskbar - or you can close the window by clicking on the 'X' on the top right. In this index you can also select another alphabetic listing by clicking on 'A-Z' at the top of the list.


Click ADD to order the selected item. If XXX is displayed, the product is out of stock, and cannot be added to your order. (To change the quantity of products ordered, or remove unwanted items, click 'Shopping Basket' ). NB: You also may be informed that you do not have 'cookies' set in your browser or software (such as Zone Alarm) is cloaking the cookie. If this message appears, you will need to adjust your browser/software settings so that the message does not reappear. Failure to have 'cookie' set will result in an empty Shopping Basket.

Discounts and Special Offers

Quantity or value related discounts will be automatically applied to your order in the shopping basket. Special offers for which you qualify will be shown below your order when you view your Shopping Basket. If you wish to take advantage of the offer click in the quantity box. Adding to your order or amending quantities may add or remove offers as appropriate. If we are out of stock, Special Offers may be substituted with an item of similar type and value.


To check out, click on 'Shopping Basket'. You will see a list of the items you have selected. If the cookie settings on your computer allow it you have 14 days to build and submit an order before your Shopping Basket resets to zero. Please be aware that your computer can refuse cookies or remove them when you close your browser, in which case your basket will be empty when you next log on. Use your browser's 'Help' so you can set your own cookie preferences. As a rule on ours and other websites it is always best to check your Shopping Basket/Cart once you have added one or two items to check everything is working okay. To increase the quantity of an item, enter the required quantity in the box and click update. To remove unwanted items, change the quantity box to 0 and click update. When you are happy with your basket contents, press the 'Checkout' button. There are 4 easy stages to check out, and if you include your email address we will send you a copy of your order.


Orders over £300 (inc. VAT)
Coupon code: D2G10


Delivery £3.50 (plus VAT)
for any seed orders

Seed Orders

Most varieties available
as seed


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