TomTato® Improved (Ketchup 'n' Fries™) *NEW*

Half-Hardy Annual

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5 x 9cm potted plant *NEW*

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Here's another major horticultural breakthrough from Thompson & Morgan! Specially hand-grafted plants producing potatoes AND tomatoes are now available to UK home gardeners for the first time. Above the ground harvest harvest over 500 cherry tomatoes with a Brix level of 10.2 - that's sweeter than supermarket tomatoes. Fruits also have just the right level of acidity that only the tastiest tomatoes have.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... Below the ground harvest heavy yields of up to 2kg of delicious white potatoes which are incredibly versatile. You can boil them, mash them, roast them or make chips. That's right! From one plant you can harvest tomatoes AND potatoes. This concept has been worked on for over 15 years, but this is the first time that plants have been successfully produced commercially. Tomatoes are members of the potato family and are therefore naturally compatible with potatoes. Each TomTato® plant is specially grafted by hand to create this unique double cropping feature. There's no genetic modification - it's an all-natural, and safe process.

TomTato® Improved

We've reworked this exclusive grafting concept for the 2016 season for even better results in your garden. Following feedback from our customers we've retained the heavy cropping, super sweet tomato variety, promising you more than 500 cherry tomatoes per plant, but we now graft it to a different potato to bring you 50% more fresh, tasty spuds at the end of the season. Once the tomatoes have finished cropping, cut the plant at ground level and harvest up to 3kg of potatoes two weeks later. Our TomTato® performs perfectly in the ground but can be grown in a large 40 litre pot making it ideal for small gardens, patios and balconies too - grow potatoes and tomatoes where you've never grown them before!

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Alternate Name TomTato
Flowers in June to September
Height 200cm
Ideal for Patio Plants
Hardiness Half-Hardy
Longevity Annual

Genus TomTato
Variety Ketchup and Fries

Additional Seed Information
Sowing/Planting Instructions
Growing Instructions • Grow TomTato® plants on in warm, frost-free conditions until all risk of frost has passed, potting on if necessary to a slightly bigger pot. Alternatively plant TomTato® directly into its final position in a frost-free greenhouse. Once all risk of frost has passed, gradually acclimatise indoor plants to outdoor conditions over a period of 7 to 10 days. • Grow TomTato® in a greenhouse or sheltered position outside in full sun. For best results grow in a container which holds at least 40 litres of compost such as our Patio Planters, or a deep container with at least 50cm (20") diameter. A large container is needed for proper development of both crops. • Plant grafted tomato-potato plants with the graft union below soil level, burying the stem up to the second tomato leaf from the base. This aids stability and growth, and ensures the potatoes develop fully underground. Water thoroughly after planting. • Support your TomTato® plant as it grows, using several stout 1.5m (5') canes, or a similar strong support frame. TomTato® produces vigorous growth and heavy trusses of fruit, so will require regular tying to its support with soft garden twine. • Alternatively grow TomTato® plants in the ground on fertile, reliably moist, well drained soil. Prepare the soil in early spring by adding plenty of well rotted manure to improve its structure and fertility. Space plants at a distance of 60cm (24") apart and water them thoroughly after planting.

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